If you want a dock to impress your friends, then how about one that automatically lowers your iPod in to position before playback?

We think this might just be the first motorised iPod dock that we've seen. What's one of them?

Well, in the case of the Intempo Perform it means at the press of a button the dock will lower your iPod in to place. You can see it tucked behind the glass in the image on this page.

That place is a neat-looking little cocoon in which your iPod sits behind a protective glass screen away from prying eyes and poking fingers.

As well as the iPod dock you'll find an FM radio, clock, alarm and sleep functions, and a remote control.

It's compatible with all iPod models, though it won't charge the Shuffle, but there's no mention of the iPhone so we presume you'd have to hit airplane mode for uninterrupted use.

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Available to buy now the Intempo Perform is yours for £130.

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