"I demand to hear some Lemon Jelly" – iPod gets voice control

The kit simply plugs straight in to your iPod and connects to your library. DirectVoxx claims the software can then understand basic commands such as "play me some Led Zeppelin", the worrying "gimme some jazz" and the plain insane, "go to my Broadway tunes playlist".

Regional accents shouldn't be a problem and there's non-english multilingual support planned for early next year, while even background noise has been accounted for.

The unit itself is small and ultra-portable, with a claimed battery life of 10 hours. A charge cable is shipped with the device as well as a remote – though surely you wouldn't need one?!

Hidden away on the DirectVoxx website is the fact that the first version of the muso will be for the iPod nano only, though a version for all iPods and the iPhone is promised soon after.

The device is set to go on sale on the US Amazon website and Best Buy stores at the end of the year for a hefty $159. Take a look a the website here for more information, and we'll let you know as soon as we get our iPods following orders...