Just when Samsung was probably hoping things couldn't get any worse, a lawsuit in California alleges more of its phones than just the Galaxy Note 7 were susceptible to catching fire.

The lawsuit, filed in the US district court in California, alleges that "Samsung chose to conceal the problem from the public... despite knowing the forseeable and predictable risk that the phone may overheat, flame and destruct from the inside, presenting a risk of serious harm or injury," reports The Guardian.

This latest action has been brought by Brandon and Jennifer Covert, who allege his Galaxy S6 Active phone exploded in the couple's bedroom at 2am on 2nd August.

At the time the couple were asleep, and were woken by what their lawyer, Frank Pitre, describes as "a loud explosion, resembling a gunshot". The device was on fire and quickly filled the room with smoke, it is claimed.

Mr Covert tried to smother the phone with a shirt, then ran to the kitchen to drop it in water. He suffered burns to his hands in the process.

Samsung has already had to withdraw its latest smartphone, the Galaxy Note 7, from sale and ended production after multiple instances of the battery overheating and catching fire.

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The Covert's lawsuit includes consumer reports highlighting similar problems with other models in the Galaxy range, including the Galaxy S2, S3, S4 Active, S5 and S6. We have asked Samsung for a response and will update this story if we get one.

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Source: The Guardian


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Thats is worrying

Stop charging Samsung phones overnight just in case 

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Stop buying Samsung phones,

Stop buying Samsung phones, just in case. 

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This smells strongly of trying it on.

If all these diferent devices were catching fire it would have been all over social and news media, whether Samsung liked it or not.

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Thank God

Thank God the Coverts aren't claiming to have been drugged and raped by three Samsung devices...

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Samsung batteries...

My story is quite the opposite. I have an S5. Last May, whilst my S5 was in my breast pocket, I was knocked off my motorbike. The bike was a write off, but thanks to modern armour I was pretty much ok except for my hands (crushed metacarpals) and wrist broken. 

The S5 was bent like a banana, the battery almost in two parts and the back cover was destroyed. After testing with my wife's battery, a new Samsung battery and back cover were purchased and I now have a flash curved S5 that works like new. People pay a premium for a curved phone! 

I frequently charge this overnight. My wife does with her S5 too. Neither have given any battery problems. This seems more likely a one-off event, possibly using a third party battery. 

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I would think Korea has an

I would think Korea has an even bigger problem with their chaebol-based corporate structure; China could well creep in and eat their lunch, so to speak.