Google Play Movies is being discontinued, here's how to keep watching your content

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With the loss of iTunes Movies and TV fresh in our minds, we've been hit with a double whammy, as Google is also putting its online movies and TV store out to pasture. Within the next few weeks, we can expect to see the Google Play Movies app give way to other Google services, as the website and Google TV app will cease to function in January of 2024.

It seems like in an age of streaming, many companies are looking to streamline their digital content purchasing services into other streaming and online video services, making for more centralised digital video hubs.

So what will take the place of Play Movies? Google is relying on YouTube, which already acts as a video library for purchased content alongside Play Movies. However, it will soon become the primary method of consuming your rented and purchased content on set-top boxes powered by Android TV, mobile devices and on web browsers. Locating your content within the app should be simple; all you'll need to do is navigate to the "your library" tab on the navigation sidebar. 

As for TVs and media streamers powered by Android TV, you'll need to navigate to the shop tab on the home screen to access your purchased and rented movies and TV shows. 

As for purchasing content, this should be fairly simple too, as you'll be able to locate movies and TV shows using the search bar, and either buy or rent the content directly through YouTube. The Android TV shop will continue to function as normal for TVs and streamers, meaning purchasing content should remain as normal. 


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