The good, the bad and the ugly unmasked on The Leisure Lab

Now, isn't that nice... That was pretty much our response to Replica Sun Machine, the second album from The Shortwave Set. It was good, and we'll definitely listen to it again, but sadly it won't be making any best of the year lists over on The Leisure Lab.

Surprisingly, some things have turned out to be much better than we expected. The much maligned RPG Baroque has been ported to the Wii and actually has plenty to offer a certain type of gamer, while Super Smash Bros Brawl is likely to appeal to a very broad spectrum of gamers, despite all good sense telling you that the beat 'em up genre should have been buried long ago.

Of course, these are just the appetisers, as we're also working on our review of the highly anticipated Too Human. Keep your eyes on our games channel over the next few weeks.

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