Genelec launches 6000A Tube portable active speaker

Finnish active-speaker specialist, Genelec has launched a limited-edition portable system - the 6000A tube - designed to boost the sound of anything from a TV to a laptop or iPod, at home or on when travelling.

The Genelec 6000A Tube weighs just 950g, including its bespoke table stand (as pictured), and measures 16x 30 x 6cm.

The speaker packs 2 x 10w amplification, and claims a frequency range of 70 Hz - 20 kHz.

The 6000A Tube is designed by renowned Finnish designer, Harri Koskinen and made from aluminium.

Features include a remote control and an automatic signal sensing function that switches the speaker to stand-by mode if no audio signal is detected for around 10 minutes.

Genelec claims that the 6000A Tube's real special feature, however, is its performance, which "is designed to create a diffuse sound field that fills the room with sound effortlessly."

The company further explains:

"And unlike other speakers, the 6000A Tube actually benefits from being placed near an object, wall, or corner – making the sound spread all around."

Just 2000 units of the Genelec 6000A Tube speaker will be made - and with 1000 of those speakers already earmarked for the Japanese market, that leaves less for the rest of us.

The remaining 1000 units can be purchased for €450 direct from a dedicated Genelec website.

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