GAME REVIEW: Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway

The Brothers In Arms series is best known for taking the tired old WWII first-person shooter and reinvigorating it by adding squad tactics. Sure, it slowed the games down to a glacial pace, but having to sneak, suppress and flank your opponents added a degree of realism and tension that made the rest of the genre’s run-and-gun approach feel cartoonish.

The latest instalment in the series, Hell’s Highway, adds to the realism in a variety of of small ways. On the gameplay front the inclusion of varying degrees of destructible cover that wilts under a hail of bullets simultaneously increases the difficulty and broadens your options, as do the new Bazooka and Machine Gun units.

The story adds a bleak element that sees your character buckling with shellshock, and cinematically the game adds some extremely messy kill-shots, although you can turn them off if you find them troubling or tasteless.

You can see the game and watch our full review at The Leisure Lab.