Exposure adds mono power amplifiers to its 3510 hi-fi range

Exposure 3510 mono power amplifier
(Image credit: Exposure)

Exposure has rounded off its 3510 series of hi-fi separates with a new pair of mono power amplifiers.

The 3510 series launched last year with the 3510 integrated amplifier, and we had news of a pre-amp and power amp combo joining the ranks a few months ago. With the mono power amplifier, the 3510 is now a complete range whose products complement each other, and shares design and technology elements with the brand's flagship 5010 series.

The new 3510 mono power amplifiers feature Exposure's minimalist design with a full aluminium casework and extruded front panel, which should help control resonance and stray electro-magnetic fields.

The mono amplifiers deliver 100 Watts per channel into 8 ohms – Exposure says this makes the amps capable of driving difficult speaker loads.

Inside, the high capacity power supply circuit is designed around a large custom-made toroidal transformer and smoothing capacitors. This, claims Exposure, "ensures a high current reserve for the output stage with electronic smoothing for low noise on the supply rails to the gain stage".

We're further promised greater linearity and lower distortion at high power output, too.

Exposure 3510 mono power amplifier

(Image credit: Exposure)

The mono amp pair have both balanced and unbalanced inputs, which makes it flexible to partner up with a wide variety of preamplifiers. It also has bi-wire speaker outputs that use high quality sockets. 

Additionally, an electronic, non-invasive overload protection circuit and thermal strip are used to make sure these amplifiers last a lifetime. They also come with a three year guarantee. 

The Exposure 3510 mono power amplifiers are available now, in black or titanium, priced at £2,990 per pair.


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