Elac launches Debut speaker range with Atmos add-on

The Debut range has been designed by audio engineer Andrew Jones, previously of KEF, Pioneer and TAD, and will accompany the relaunch of Elac in the US.

Six speakers and three subwoofers mean there are stereo and home cinema options from the Debut range, while the inclusion of a Dolby Atmos-certified height speaker means you can also upgrade an existing setup.

The Elac Debut A4 has a 4in aramid-fibre driver and a 0.5in polymer dome tweeter, arranged in a concentric design with a custom crossover. The speaker sports an MDF cabinet and comes in a brushed black vinyl finish.

Sit the Debut A4 speaker on an existing bookshelf or floorstanding speaker within an Atmos system to add that extra "3D" height.

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If you're after something a little more traditional, the Debut series includes the B5 and B6 (pictured, above), two compact bookshelf speakers. The B5 has a 5.25in midbass driver and 1in tweeter, while the B6 sports the same tweeter but a larger 6.5in midbass driver.

Both models feature custom-designed drivers and crossovers and claim a maximum power output of 120W.

The Debut F5 is the floorstander in the range, a 2.5-way speaker with a 1in cloth dome tweeter and three 5.25in midbass drivers. The speaker stands 96.5cm tall and claims a max power output of 140 watts. There's a 2-way centre channel, too, the C5.

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Elac Debut A4 Atmos add-on speaker

Elac Debut A4 Atmos add-on speaker

There are also three Debut powered subwoofers: the S10, with a 10in driver and delivering 200W; the S10EQ, with a 10in driver and delivering 400W; and the S12EQ, a 12in driver that delivers 1,000W of power.

The EQ in the model names denotes the ability to control the subs using Elac's Advanced Bluetooth Control. A digital EQ system controlled by the Elac SubEQ app for Android and iOS. devices. There's a full manual EQ, too.

The Debut range is set for release in Q3 2015, with a larger F6 floorstander due to follow in Q4.

UK prices are as follows:

Debut B5 bookshelf, £250 per pair

Debut B6 bookshelf, £299 per pair

Debut F5 floorstander, £599 per pair

Debut F6 floorstander, £749 per pair

Debute C5 centre, £199 per piece

Debut A4 Atmos add-on speaker, £250 per pair

Debut Sub S10, £275

Debut Sub S10EQ, £499

Debut Sub S12EQ, £659

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