DisneyLife subscription streaming service to launch in the UK

The move makes Disney the biggest media company to stream its content directly to consumers. Content will include a wide range of Disney movies, from the entire Pixar catalogue, to classics such as The Jungle Book and Snow White. There will also be Disney Channel episodes, books and albums available to stream. The Star Wars and Marvel franchises won’t be included.

DisneyLife will cost £9.99/month, more than both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, both of which already offer a range of Disney titles. The new service will initially launch in the UK and expand across Europe in 2016. Disney chief executive Bob Iger says it won’t be launching in the US for now because of agreements already in place with cable and satellite companies.

Iger adds: "This is the future in many respects. We're seeing more and more opportunities to reach consumers directly and not through middlemen, and consumers wanting product in different ways."

To register your interest in DisneyLife, head to the official website.

Source: Financial Times

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