Denon CEOL wireless range gets two new systems

In addition to high-resolution audio streaming, the latest additions to the CEOL portfolio both offer support for Bluetooth- and AirPlay-enabled devices, plus Spotify Connect.

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The CEOL N9 (above) is available to purchase for £399 (without speakers) and comes with two optical inputs, allowing you to expand your system by connecting a variety of digital audio sources, such as a TV or games console.

There's also an analogue audio input and a headphone output, while a USB port can be found on the front so you can hook up a phone or tablet. The CEOL N9 will also charge an iPod.

Internet/AM/FM radio tuners and of course a CD player are also present and correct on the new CEOL system, helping to bolster Denon's claim that it can play music "from every audio source imaginable".

Denon's proprietary digital amplifier design means the CEOL N9 can deliver 65 watts per channel to the SC-N9 two-way hi-fi speakers. You can control the system with the Denon Hi-Fi Remote App, which is available on Android and iOS.

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Meanwhile, the smaller CEOL Piccolo N4 – available for £299 without speakers – comes with just the one optical in compared to its bigger brother. It does, however, include one analogue input and one headphone output apiece.

The digital amplifier delivers 45 watts per channel and provides direct signal processing of the streamed audio. It is also configured for the new SC-N4 speaker system.

Like the CEOL N9, the CEOL Piccolo N4 can be controlled using Denon's Hi-Fi Remote App and – again like its bigger brother – incorporates Near Field Communication (NFC) to make pairing your mobile device nice and simple.

This smaller Piccolo N4 system doesn't offer a CD player or AM/FM radio, but there is internet radio as well as the aforementioned AirPlay, Bluetooth and Spotify Connect functionality.

With previous releases from the CEOL range proving no stranger to five-star reviews, it's probably fair to say that we have high hopes for these two additions – and we'll be sure to let you know how they perform when we get them in for review in due course.

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