Crystal Audio's stylish wireless solution

Crystal Audio

Two systems have been announced, the TR-100 (£399) and the TR-60 (£249). Both use the same wireless transmitter to connect to your music source – be it a PC, CD player, iPod or turntable – and fire the audio signal around your home. The TR-100 is capable of a distance of 75ft, while the TR-60 settles for 65ft.

The difference comes at the other end of the system, where the TR-100 has an individual receiver for each speaker, packing 100w per channel to create a compact 200w stereo amplifier. Connect straight to your speakers, and to a power source, and you're in business.

Save yourself a few quid with the TR-60 and you'll have to settle for one receiver/amp unit for both of your speakers. Naturally, Crystal Audio and Acoustics still promise impressive sound from the one-box soluton.

Both systems promise intereference-free music regardless of other wi-fi signals or objects in the way, as well as uncompressed wireless transmission of your audio.

Sound good? We hope to bring you a review just as soon as we can get the product.