Crystal Acoustics launches Teevy 6 soundbase

It's also part of Crystal Acoustics' new Reference Wireless Series of speakers, with the on board WiSound technology said to produce "incredibly dispersive, dynamic and consistent audio delivery".

We first heard about WiSound technology back in August, with the idea being that the "sweet spot" often associated with wireless listening is eliminated. To achieve this, a combination of forward-, up- and side-firing drivers are used.

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A new, complex DSP learns the acoustic response of the room in which the Teevy 6 is used, adjusting accordingly to improve the listening experience. Crystal Acoustics says the result is that "every listener hears the same stunning sound, regardless of where they are in the room".

Six balanced drivers - including two 5.25in subwoofers - are housed within the Teevy 6's body, with total power output rated at 100W. AptX Bluetooth wireless streaming lets it be used a music system, while other connections include digital optical, a pair of RCAs and a 3.5mm auxiliary.

It is expected the Crystal Acoustics Teevy 6 will hit the shelves later this month [November] at a cost of £299.

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