Conrad-Johnson's LP-125sa power amps arrive in the UK

Newly arrived in the UK via distributor Audiofreaks is the latest stereo power amplifier from US high-end company Conrad-Johnson.

The valve-powered LP125sa, which delivers 125W per channel, is available in two versions: the standard model sells for £7995, while the LP125sa+, with upgrade components, is £9995.

The amp's input stage uses a single-ended triode amplifier, which sends the signal to a cathode-coupled trios phase-inverter stage, used to drive the output section. The engine room of the amp, the output stage, uses two pairs of KT120 valves per channel, operated in ultralinear configuration.

Massive wide-bandwidth output transformers ensure high phase linearity, while the power supply section uses separate regulators for the input and phase-inverter stages, preventing interference from the output section.

Weighing a little over 37kg, the LP125sa has been designed to be simple to set up and use, with built-in bias indicator LEDs making it easy to adjust the amplifier when new tubes are eventually needed. Conrad-Johnson even supplies a screwdriver for this adjustment.

The upgraded LP125a version of the amplifier uses in-house-designed Teflon capacitors and ultra-high-performance metal foil resistors in strategic positions in the circuit.

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