Christmas gift guide: 123 last-minute gift ideas for music and movie fans

Christmas gift guide
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So you've cracked open the eggnog, dusted off your 'NOW That's What I Call Christmas' CD and wrestled your eighteen-year-old tree down from the attic. But before you completely rejoice in festive season merriment, you should probably finish your Christmas shopping.

If you're still looking for a perfect present for the melomaniac or movie lover in your life, you've come to the right place. Below you'll find more than 100 expertly curated tech gift ideas for tech, music and movie lovers in our Christmas gift guide.

From cheap stocking fillers to serious-money hi-fi and AV gifts that will dominate the space beneath your tree, this Christmas gift feast promises something for everyone, and every budget. So, credit card at the ready, let's get stuck in...

Gift ideas for audiophiles

best Christmas gift ideas for audiophiles

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Like music? You need to hear it at its best. Our round-up of the best audiophile gifts is perfect for those who want to maximise their music, from headphones to speakers, DACs to... a McIntosh clock.

Gift ideas under £50

Best Christmas gift ideas under £50

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Looking for great gifts without emptying out your savings account? These tidbits are all under £50, but you'd never know it. From headphones and tablets to the USB-sized gadget you never knew you needed, here are ten gifts your loved one will be very happy to find under the tree.

Gift ideas under £100

Christmas Gift Guide

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You really need to like someone to spend up to £100 on them. No cop-out easy option box of chocs or bottle of booze here – this is an amount right in the sweet spot for 'proper' Christmas presents and that's exactly what we've got for you here with these gift ideas for under £100.

Gift ideas under £200

best Christmas gift ideas under £200

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We have already listed our favourite Christmas gift ideas under £50, but if you are prepared to spend a little more, you'll find an even greater choice of quality AV kit to gift to your friends and family this year.

Our latest guide includes an awesome pair of budget standmount speakers, a brilliant portable music player, a terrific tablet, a 4K TV streaming soundbar, Award-winning wireless earbuds... and a partridge in a pear tree (possibly).

Gift ideas for music fans

Christmas Gift Guide

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If there's one thing a music fan wants, it's an upgrade to their listening experience. Whether it's a new component for a hi-fi system or some wireless cans for taking music on the move, you can never go wrong with better sound.

We've put together a dozen suggestions here that cover a broad range of gift-giving possibilities, and it isn't only electronics: our list also includes the re-issue of a classic album and book penned by a true music legend...

Gift ideas for vinyl lovers

gift ideas vinyl lovers

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Even in a world where 4K TVs and thousand-pound smartphones have become the norm, there are still plenty of people who prefer the sound of a record player needle on a vinyl LP.

If you know know someone like that, and are on the hunt for a present for the vinyl lover in your life, there should be something on this list to tickle your fancy.

Gift ideas for gamers

PlayStation Pulse 3D Wireless Headset Christmas Gift Guide

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Gamers are a hard bunch to please. Perhaps hardened by the unforgiving nature of the online battlefield, or maybe spoiled by the sheer quality of modern-day consoles and games – either way, a gift for a gamer needs to be carefully chosen.

But help is at hand. We've searched high and low for presents to put a smile on the face of the most hardcore player, particularly if they have a penchant for superior pictures and/or sound...

Gift ideas for travel lovers

10 best Christmas tech gift ideas for travel-lovers

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This guide is all about gifting inspiration for the (probably frustrated) frequent flyer in your life; that friend or relative who can't make it through a lockdown anecdote at the dinner table without announcing their next long-haul destination.

From noise-cancelling headphones to Bluetooth trackers, power banks to tablets, these affordable, travel-savvy gifts will keep even the most restless souls happy as they finally, fingers crossed, set off in search of adventure in 2021...

Gift ideas for film fans

10 best Christmas tech gift ideas for film fans

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While 2019 was the year of Avengers: End Game, the finale to the Skywalker Saga, and some pretty juicy James Bond banter, 2020 has been contrastingly poor (borderline diabolical) for theatrical releases because of You Know What – not to mention hugely disappointing for Bond fans. So the movie buff in your life will probably be well in need of a cinephiliac pick-me-up on Christmas Day...

Gift ideas for when money is no object

Vertere DG-1

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It’s not easy to buy presents for someone who has everything, but we’ve put together a list of some of the finest hi-fi and home cinema products currently available to help the cause. If you have an audiophile in your life to treat, or think you've been so good this year you deserve to treat yourself extra well this Christmas, here are 10 of the best ways to do it.

Some of the best headphones and hi-fi and home cinema kit we've tested this year are included, as are some old classics we can't help but keep recommending.

Gift cards for music, tech and film fans

Gift cards for music, tech and film fans

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What do get the person who has everything? Why, a gift card of course. That way, you loved one can snag the gift they want in their own time. Plus, they're a great solution if you've left the Christmas shopping to the 11th hour and most can be emailed directly to the recipient's inbox. 

Ready to speed up your shopping? From Amazon to Netflix and Spotify, here are the 17 best gift cards for music tech and movie lovers. 

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