Over 100,000 Film-type Patterned Retarder 3D sets sold in China in just two months

LG Display, which is promoting its new Film-type Patterned Retarder 3D TV technology, has announced that over 100,000 FPR 3D TVs have been sold in China in just two months.

The new technology, which enables 3D images to be viewed with simple, inexpensive passive polarised glasses – rather than the active-shutter types used by other companies –, has been adopted by major Chinese manufacturers Skyworth and Hisense.

And despite minimal advertising, the new sets have sold in large numbers since they were launched in December last year: an LG Display spokesman said that 'It is unprecedented that new products sold this much already without the help of television commercials. Supply is unable to catch up with demand.'

The company says that in demonstrations of FPR TVs against established 3D models, 95% of the Chinese market preferred the FPR technology, and that figure was 85% in the US, and 88% in France.

The spokesman added that the company expected a major change in the TV market when companies already signed up for the technology start releasing sets.

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Those companies include Philips, Vizio and Toshiba, and Chinese manufacturers such as Changhong Electric, Higher, Kongka and TCL. All are expected to launch FPR-based 3D TVs this year.

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