CES NEWS: DTS launches a simulated Surround Sensation

DTS has become the latest company to launch a surround system needing only two speakers, extending its appeal to those with just a micro system or even headphones.

DTS Surround Sensation - no lights under bushels there, then! - is the research of years of research into what the company sees as the failings of other 'simulated surround' systems, and it's expected it will soon be available in a range of products.

"DTS has been studying the market for simulated surround sound technologies for many years, but up until now most available solutions have not achieved results that meet the standards our consumers demand," says Brian Towne, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Consumer Division at DTS.

"That is changing with the introduction of DTS Surround Sensation. DTS is licensing these technologies so manufacturers will now be able to deliver a surround entertainment experience worthy of the DTS name, from either two speakers or stereo headphones."

The company says the new system "contains significant psycho-acoustic information that alters human perception, making one believe that sounds actually occurring outside the boundaries of the two-speaker system or headphones.

"Developed with a key understanding of acoustics and years of knowledge in dealing with the properties of sound, DTS Surround Sensation creates a three-dimensional wall of sound that exceeds the limitations of just two speakers for an optimal surround sound experience. DTS Surround Sensation also supplements the weakened stereo image and ambience of digitally-compressed audio, while keeping the monaural components (such as solo vocals) unchanged."

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