CES 2011: Sennheiser launches CXC 700 noise-cancelling in-ear headphones

The prolific German company launches in-ears all the time, of course, but the CXC 700s are a bit different, as they herald the launch of a brand new active noise-cancelling system called NoiseGard/digital.

The NoiseGard/digital system offers users the choice of three noise-cancelling 'profiles', one to absorb low frequency noise, one for medium frequencies, and one that combines the two, but with a slightly lower noise-cancelling performance.

The idea is that whatever environment you're in, one of the modes will effectively cancel out the surrounding hub-bub. In fact, Daniel Chee, Product Manager for the travel line says the "precise filters generate a result that is up to five times better than that of the analogue system".

Unsurprisingly the CXC 700s have a number of other travel-friendly features, such as an in-flight adapter and 6.35mm jack, and a TalkThrough function that lets you hear your flight attendant offering you another drink, for example.

The Sennheiser CXC 700 headphones are available now and our review is on the way.

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