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CEDIA NEWS: Denon's monster 150W processor/power amp combo

Denon's AVP-A1HDCI processor/controller

Highlight of the Denon stand at CEDIA is the forthcoming AVP-A1HDCI controller/processor and partnering POA-A1HDCI 10-channel power amp, due to go on sale this autumn for $7000 each.

Designed to produce "the ultimate audio and video performance", this hefty-looking combo offers advanced multiroom and networking capabilities.

The POA-A1HDCI is a THX Ultra2-certified, 10-channel power amp capable of delivering 150w per channel.

The unit's ten, monobloc amplifier construction is designed to provide clean, high-output power to all channels, says Denon, and can run 4-ohm loads.

Denon's POA-A1HDCI power amp

Denon has also added the Silicon Optix Realta chipset to the new AVP-A1HDCI controller/processor, enabling it to offer upconversion and video scaling to 1080p from all analogue and digital sources, including the ability to use Realta Noise Reduction circuitry for 1080p input signals.

The AVP-A1HDCI has six HDMI inputs, two HDMI outputs, and includes built-in Ethernet and wi-fi 802.11 b/g connectivity.

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