Car audio experts Scosche Industries release IDR650m earphones

No doubt rivalling the traditional portable radio as the Christmas audio product of choice, car audio expert Scosche Industries has added to the busy earphone market with the IDR650m 'phones.

'Designed by audio enthusiasts for audio enthusiasts', the earphones have an integrated microphone and are compatible with the iPhone 3GS and other latest iPod models.

Alongside the in-line mic you'll also find Scosche's tapLINE control system, allowing you to pause, play, adjust the volume and skip tracks via the control on the earphone cable.

Sold with single and dual flanged silicone inserts, and promising 'unparalleled noise isolation', the IDR650m 'phones come with a choice of three size buds.

Throw-in a travel case and you're getting plenty for your £60. The Scosche IDR650m earphones are available now from Apple stores and elsewhere online.

Take a look at the Scosche Industries website for more information on all of the company's products.