Cabasse adds new Ambrose 3 speaker to the Altura MC range

Cabasse Ambrose 3

Designed for use as a front, centre or surround speaker, the Ambrose 3 uses the same BC-13 coaxial drive unit and 17cm Duocell woofers as the Egea 3.

The d'Appolito design layout, with the two-way coaxial midrange tweeter situated between both woofers, combined with the slim design of the cabinet, make it suitable for horizontal or vertical on-wall placement.

Cabasse says the Ambrose 3 will complement a Bora, Egea 3 or Iroise 3 stereo set-up when used as a centre and surround speakers.

And they can be combined with a 500W Santorin 30 subwoofer (£2700) to make a complete 5.1 system.

The Cabasse Ambrose 3 is available now in cherry or santos real wood veneers, or gloss black, for £1260 each.

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