BRISTOL SHOW: Spendor makes a Statement

spendor st

This uses bi-elliptical acoustic lens technology, said to give it "the extended frequency response of a small diaphragm with the low frequency characteristics of a larger diaphragm, to give stable low distortion response over a wide frequency range and listening area."

The cabinet uses Spendor's Dynamic Damping, in which "small low mass constrained polymer dampers at key energy interface points instantly convert any spurious energy in the cabinet into inaudible heat.

"For ultimate sound perfection the multi-layer laminated inlays are bonded into the front baffle with a set of thin dynamic damping layers to create a remarkably rigid and acoustically silent structure. "

Finally, the base of each speaker uses four machined steel stabiliser discs, attached deep into the cabinet structure: "These contribute to the neat appearance and stability of the slim cabinets without recourse to outriggers or plinth extensions," the company says.