SIM2 Solar Series
Launching a £20,000 LCD screen in the depths of a recession is a brave move, but that's exactly what projector specialist SIM2 is doing

There may be a recession on, but that doesn't seem to have troubled Italian projector specialist SIM2.

Bristol will see the UK unveiling of its luxury Solar Series 47in LCD display, which costs an eye-watering £20,000.

So what do you get for all that money? Well, the screen is styled by multi award-winning designer Giorgio Revoldini, and "offers a taste of the high-end with its fine looks and ground-breaking performance". For that price, we'd certainly hope so.

SIM2 claims the Solar Series can recreate 65,536 shades per colour, compared to 1,024 on a standard LCD screen, and delivers a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1. But it's a display only, with no built-in TV tuner.

It's also claimed to be the world's first production High Dynamic Range (HDR)-enabled LCD display using Dolby Vision technology. 

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You'll be able to see the Solar Series LCD in action in the Executive Lounge on the Conservatory Floor, Marriott City Centre Hotel, Bristol this weekend.