Breaking news from the Apple iPhone launch...

Apple keynote 2009

Here's what we know so far. iPhone software V3.0 has 100 changes, including cut, copy and paste, landscape keyboard on all applications, MMS and spotlight search that allows you to search all your content, even if it's on your mail server and not on your phone.

Download films directly to iPhone
You'll be able to rent and download films directly to your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Tethered web connection allows you to share your iPhone's 3G connection on Mac or PC via USB or over Bluetooth. There's also HTTP video and audio streaming.

Find my iPhone. When you lose your phone, just log into and you can see where the phone is on a map.

In-app purchase will allow you to buy new levels for games or magazine subscriptions.

Peer-to-peer allows Bluetooth connection for multiplayer gaming and content sharing without needing to pair phones.

Google Maps can now be added into applications, and turn-by-turn navigation is allowed. Plus new push notifications allow text updates and instant messaging.

New MacBook Pros
Turning away from the iPhone for a few seconds, there are new 13in ($1199) and 15in MacBook Pros ($1699) with a Lithium Polymer battery said to give up to seven hours of battery life – up to two hours longer than before. The 17in MacBook is also updated and cheaper than before.

And there's a new OSX operating system called Snow Leopard, with further features and refinements over Leopard. Snow Leopard will only cost $29 if you already use Leopard.

Satellite navigation app
Right, back to the iPhone. Tom Tom has developed the first turn-by-turn satellite navigation app. It works in portratit and landscape mode with voice commands, and there's a hands-free in-car kit.

And for the musicians among you, there's even an app that allows you to control your guitar and amp from your phone, provided you have a Variax guitar.

Now the important bit. iPhone V3.0 will be available on June 17th. It's free for iPhone users and $9.99 for iPod Touch owners.

There's a new iPhone coming
And yes, there's a new iPhone! It's called the 3G S, and is claimed to be 2-3 times faster.

Other features include a 3MP autofocus camera, with a 'tap to focus' function so you can tap on an object and it will focus on it. There's a built-in compass that will orient Google Maps to tell you which way you're facing.

And you get video recording and editing too. Videos can instantly be shared via YouTube, email or MMS.

Voice control – hold down the home button and it allows you to make calls and control your music. You can even ask the iPhone what music is playing, and ask it to create a playlist of similar tracks.

Battery life is improved, with up to nine hours when you're wi-fi web browsing, and 10 hours of video viewing.

The new iPhone will cost $199 for the 16GB version and $299 for the new 32GB version in the US. The current iPhone 3G will still be available for $99.

The new models are out in the UK on June 19th, and as with the current model will be available exclusively on O2. New customers will pay up to £184.98 for the 3G S 16GB and up to £274.23 for the 32GB, depending on which tariff you choose.

OK, that's just about it. Events are drawing to a close over in San Francisco but if you'd like to know more, take a look at Tom Dunmore's blog over on for Tom's reaction to the news and his 'hands-on' first impressions of the new iPhone.