Bluesound Pulse is world’s first hi-res soundbar

Want hi-res sound quality from a soundbar? Well, you're (almost) in luck. Bluesound has announced that its Pulse Soundbar will be the world's first to provide hi-res network audio streaming.

According to the company, the soundbar will use a three-way speaker configuration with tri-amplification, meaning that each driver will have its own dedicated channel to achieve high quality sound. The Soundbar will support 24-Bit/192KHz audio resolution as well as Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) streams

In terms of features, the Pulse Soundbar should be able to support MP3, AAC, WMP, Ogg, FLAC,and ALAC files, either streamed via aptX Bluetooth, wi-fi, ethernet connections or through a USB. There's also an IR sensor, so you'll be able to use your existing TV remote to control the volume or mute the soundbar.

The Pulse Soundbar will be available later this month, priced at £999

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