A round-up of all the main highlights from What Hi-Fi? this week, including news on the sales of UHD discs/players and a review of Google's Pixel XL smartphone

This week the Recording Industry Association of America revealed that around a quarter of CDs sold at Amazon were fake.

Lidl became the latest place where you can buy a record player and sales of UHD Blu-rays and 4K players show no signs of slowing down.

For reviews, we have the first true Google smartphone, the Pixel XL. There's also Amazon's clever Echo wireless speaker and the Dynaudio Emit M30 floorstanders.

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Report finds 22% of CDs bought on Amazon to be fake

A study carried out by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has found that almost a quarter of CDs sold on Amazon are counterfeit.

Out of a sample of 194 CDs, 44 were pirated. With CD sales still a vital revenue stream, this figure is sure to cause alarm.

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You can now buy a £50 turntable from Lidl

Though sales of vinyl have slowed, there's still an appetite for it, with supermarket Lidl the latest to stock record players.

For £50 you can purchase the all-in-one ION turntable with built-in speakers and a USB output. And Lidl isn't the only store selling budget turntables either, with Aldi set to sell one for £30.

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Ultra HD Blu-ray sales continue to rise

Sales of 4K Blu-rays show little sign of abating, with more than 80,000 UHD players sold from February 2016.

Experts predict that half of all households in the US will have 4K televisions by 2020, as the number of titles available via streaming and Blu-ray continues to expand.

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"The Echo demonstrates that Alexa is a slick, useful voice assistant, and one that should improve over time"

Amazon Echo

The selling point of Amazon's talented new wireless speaker isn't so much in listening to it, rather the way it listens to you.

The Alexa voice-assistant works wonders, though the speaker itself has a rather functional audio performance.

However, it's reliable and easy to use, and while the Echo won't be to music purists tastes, it is an undeniably clever speaker. 

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"The organic Android experience, now slicker and more user friendly than ever, is a joy to use"

Google Pixel XL

With the Pixel XL, Google has decided to make its own phone. Well, sort of.

HTC has supplied the hardware, but everything else is down to Google making the XL an innovative experience.

The Android Nougat OS is slicker than ever, and easy to use. However, the audio performance leaves us a bit cold, and we're not convinced that it will usurp its established rivals.

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"Put it all together and it’s hard not to admire these speakers"

Dynaudio Emit M30

Dynaudio has been on a terrific run of form, so we're surprised that its Emit M30 doesn't quite reach the high level we expect from the brand.

The build is good, and there's a decent level of detail and low-end rumble, but the drawback is a lack of enthusiasm in its sound. A competent floorstander then, but one that falls short of must-have status.

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