Celebrating legendary riddim twins, onstage nudity in London and the shape of the future of consumer electronics - it's all on

It's September 27th, and yes the Best of the Week is a day late - blame it on the pressures of getting the What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Awards issue completed.

Anyway, today's the 55th birthday of bass-player Robbie Shakespeare, who together with Sly Dunbar forms one of the most prolific and successful teams in popular music. It's estimated Sly and Robbie have played on or produced around 200,000 tracks, and have also been heavily sampled over the years.

40 years ago today saw the London opening of the musical Hair, the day after stage censorship was abolished in Britain, and in sports it's 20 years since Ben Johnson was stripped of his 100m gold medal at the Seoul Olympics after failing a drug test.

Highlights this week here on include:

- In an exclusive interview, the president of Panasonic shares his vision of the future- Your chance to win an Onkyo/Q Acoustics system, worth £1250- The merger of some well-known retail names- And another HD price cut from Sky

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Meanwhile on the Forums we now have almost 18,000 members, getting on for 80,000 threads and more than 128,000 posts. This week we have been discussing bad movies (and timeless ones), trying to find out (or remember) what happened at the WHFSV Awards ceremony, and wondering whether Blu-ray Disc is all it's cracked up to be.

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