Best budget Cyber Monday TV deal so far: 2022 Hisense 4K HDR TV for £240

Best budget Cyber Monday TV deal so far: 2022 Hisense 4K HDR TV for £240
(Image credit: Hisense/ You Vs Wild: Out Cold, Netflix)

Monster TVs are all well and good, but what if you don't have space? What if you don't want – or can't have – a ridiculous 70-inch-plus screen in your living space? What if all you need is a 43-incher with a decent feature set and great picture quality?

Then step right this way, as we have the deal for you. It's on the four-star Hisense 43A6GTUK – it's dropped to just £240, down from our 'tested at' price of £329 (though going on data from CamelCamelCamel, Amazon previously sold it for £100 more than that, at £429). Whatever the saving, £240 is a great price. Viva Cyber Monday!

Cyber Monday Hisense 4K HDR deal

Hisense 43AGTUK£329£240 at Amazon (save £89)

Hisense 43AGTUK £329 £240 at Amazon (save £89)
There's a healthy £89 off this TV compared to our 'tested at price'. Though it was previously selling on Amazon for £429, giving you a saving of £188. Either way, it's a great deal on a very good telly.

Even at full price, this Hisense TV is fantastic value for money. It supports features that are more commonly found in marquee TVs like Dolby Vision HDRDolby Atmos sound, and even 120Hz gaming.

So we can forgive the basic looks. And the rather pale colours. We can even forgive the iffy operating system, the unhelpful picture presets and the occasional colour banding that rears its head with HDR content.

Because along with the features already mentioned, this TV supports VRR and ALLM. Throw in a pretty low input lag of 14.1ms, and you've got a treat for gamers. (Xbox Series X owners will also be delighted to hear that the 43A6GTUK’s support for Dolby Vision HDR extends to the console’s new Dolby Vision gaming support.)

Picture quality is surprisingly good for the money. While black levels can't match that of an OLED TV (or even a much more premium LCD), they are very good, with the backlight displaying an impressive uniformity. It goes plenty bright, too. So whatever you're watching, this TV should do it justice.

There's enough sharpness and detail to satisfy most viewers, while HD upscaling isn't half bad. And we repeat, it costs £240. Really, what are you waiting for?


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