Behind the scenes at Fujitsu's Technology Hall in Kawasaki, Japan


It's the home of the first Fuji-type phone, made in 1935, and the company's first relay-driven computer, the FACOM (Fujitsu Automatic COMputer). Oh, and it also has its HOAP robots - the latest version has moved on from Sumo moves and learned how to cook.

But Fujitsu is best known to home cinema fans as the developer of the plasma TV, thanks to a team led by Tsutae Shinoda.

Known as 'Mr Plasma', Shinoda successfully developed the world's first practical video graphics array plasma display panel, a 21in model able to deliver 260,000 colours. He came up with the first 42in model in 1995.

Shinoda has moved on, but to find out what MIRACLES Fujitsu is working on next, read Andrew Everard's blog.

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