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'Demcraft' training creates the UK's first network of approved retailers

'The UK's first network of trained and approved retailers': that's what industry body the British Audio-Visual Dealers Association has created, with around 400 staff from about 80 shops having received comprehensive training in giving product demonstrations.

BADA developed its 'Demcraft' training in association with a number of manufacturers, including Arcam, B&W, The Chord Company, Naim and PMC, and the programme is endorsed by these companies and Chord Electronics, Denon, Dynaudio, KEF, Marantz, Meridian and The Multi-Room Company.

Last year BADA mandated that completing the Demcraft training would be a requirement for membership of the association, and a plan was put in place to train every member of staff in members' shops with dealings with the public.

Only one member failed to complete the course, and as a result has had its membership revoked.

BADA chairman Simon Byles says that "BADA has created the first UK wide network of hi-fi retailers who are all trained to a single standard that has the backing of the major manufacturers

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"This really does offer something to the hi-fi buying public that has never been available before.”

The association will soon be launching its Visioncraft course, focusing on multichannel vision-based systems.

For a full list of approved retailers, see the BADA website.