Australian Hi-Fi Jan-Feb 2021 out now: podcasting special!

Australian Hi-Fi Magazine Jan-Feb 2021
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Australian Hi-Fi Magazine Jan-Feb 2021

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Every issue of Australian Hi-Fi brings you the latest audio news, expert reviews with full laboratory tests of new hi-fi components, features about audio technologies, plus reviews of the latest music releases.

Australian Hi-Fi Magazine Jan-Feb 2021

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Gryphon Essence Preamplifier & Essence Stereo Power Amplifier
Class-A amplifiers deliver the best sound quality, but they're also very large, very expensive and run very hot. Gryphon's unique 'Green Bias' solves one of these issues.

B&W PX-7 ANC Headphones
Bowers & Wilkins, best-known for its loudspeakers, has been playing catch-up with its headphones for more than a decade. With the PX-7s, it's finally crept ahead of the pack.

Harbeth Compact 7ES-XD Loudspeakers
UK designer Alan Shaw says he now has a "higher power sonic microscope" that has enabled him to improve every one of the models in his range to 'XD' status.

Pilium Elektra DAC
This is not only the heaviest DAC we've ever tested, it's also the only one that's been made in Greece, and this despite the company that makes it being registered in Bulgaria.

Silent Angel Rhein V2 Music Server
Thunder Data's Silent Angel Rhein is not only silent, it also gives you access to your music in many different ways. Stephen Dawson explains what it does and how you use it.

Richter Harlequin S6 Loudspeakers
A floor-standing two-way design has many advantages over a stand-mount and our in-depth review lists all of them—as well as the disadvantages!

Q Acoustics QB12 Subwoofer
What can we say? We're in awe of its performance, particularly given its relatively compact dimensions and its modest retail price.

Australian Hi-Fi Magazine Jan-Feb 2021

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Podcasting For Fun and Profit
Whether you're doing it for fun, or profit—or both—podcasting is easy and cheap to do. We look at what you'll need to get started.

The Ultimate Class-D Technology?
Is Eigentakt, developed by the famous Bruno Putzeys at Purifi, a version of which is used by NAD in its brilliant M33 amplifier, the ultimate Class-D amplifier topology?

Australian Hi-Fi Magazine Jan-Feb 2021

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Old Turns
Tears For Fears' new box set contains outstanding versions of their classic hits, along with a wealth of unreleased material. We also review box sets from two very under-rated bands, Trees and Rhinoceros.

Top Picks
Our very own Powderfinger has released an album of unreleased tracks that's so good it feels like a 'Greatest Hits' CD from a parallel universe. Whatever were they thinking not to release them?

Jazz Track
Harry Beckett's trumpet tone was astonishing and you can hear it at its best on Joy Unlimited. You can also hear another side of Chick Corea on his album Plays, and blow your mind with Tomato Brain.

Rock On

This month we highlight a debut album from New Zealand's Grumblewood and look back in time to Tangerine Dreams recordings from the early 80s, which have just been re-mastered. Plus Mark Kelly, Lykantropi, Avandra and Katatonia.

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