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Ever since Samsung announced its QLED televisions, we've wanted to set them up next to one of LG's splendid OLEDs and see which one delivers the best performance.

But a one-on-one wouldn't be interesting enough, especially with so many companies vying to give you the last word in picture quality. So Panasonic and Sony's most recent OLEDs enter the fray as well, to really give Samsung's technology a thorough examination.

Aside from our 4K face-off, this issue features a how-to on getting the most out your existing TV, a strong battle between Sonos' soundbase and soundbars, and a look into binaural audio - and why we might be hearing more of it.

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Cord cutting (for next-to nothing)

When it comes to headphones, we're all heading towards a wireless future. The audio fidelity of a wired connection is great for the home, but when you're out and about it's nice to have something that won't get in your way or tangled in your pocket.

But which one is best, especially if you're not looking to break the bank? We take a look at six of the latest pairs to hit the market, ranging from £110 to as little as £20, to see if you can really get high quality at a low price.

Getting amped up

A powerful stereo amplifier is vital in getting the best sound out of your hi-fi. For a good while, at the £600 price point, that responsibility fell to the Cambridge CXA60. It's won two What Hi-Fi? awards in a row.

But with the appearance of a new contender from Rega, that all might change. Both are a delight to listen to, but which one has the edge?

A-OK with 4K

There were times when 4K quality was just a lofty dream. Now it's a reality on many modern televisions, with Ultra HD blu-ray players, TV streaming boxes and streaming services backing them up.

But with so much available, it's difficult to know where to start - especially if you still haven't made the upgrade. That's where we come in, with a handy-dandy guide to getting all the best 4K content on whichever service you're thinking of getting.

Resist anything but temptation

As always, this week's What Hi-Fi? comes some mouth-wateringly lavish tech - starting with a £35,000 JVC projector.

With native 4K and HDR through its 100mm lens, this home-cinema beauty offers 3000 lumens brightness and 20,000 hours of operational life - you could walk halfway around the world before that bulb will give out. If money's no object, this is the one you want.

We also have look at Musical Fidelity's premium all-in-one system, complete with internet radio, CD drive and 225W per channel of amplification. Can all that glitters really be gold? Check out this month's issue to find out...

And there's more!

But if that's not enough for you, fear not - we've still got a range of first tests to keep you up to date with the latest audio-visual kit.

There's an exclusive review of some new KEF speakers, a dive into Qobuz's new tier of music streaming, some noise-cancelling cans from AKG and a superb stereo system from Denon.

So what are you waiting for? The August issue is on sale now - happy reading!

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Adam was a staff writer for What Hi-Fi?, reviewing consumer gadgets for online and print publication, as well as researching and producing features and advice pieces on new technology in the hi-fi industry. He has since worked for PC Mag as a contributing editor and is now a science and technology reporter for The Independent.