Audio Research Reference 750
You'll need deep pockets to buy one of these, with a pair setting you back £55,000

What, you may ask, is this extraordinary looking device? Well it's the Audio Research Reference 750 monobloc amplifier, yours for £27,500 – each.

It's designed to deliver 750W into speaker loads of 4, 8 and 16Ohms. This is achieved by the use of a custom-built power transformer delivering current from 16 KT120 vacuum tubes placed on top of the unit.

Power supply regulation is also achieved by vacuum tube with a 6550WE and 6H30 driver.

The monolithic tower design weighs 77Kg and includes a front panel display with two analogue meters, one for output wattage and bias, the other for incoming AC line voltage.

Four buttons beneath the top meter control meter brightness, bias power and fan speed for the optional ventilated top covers.

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The Audio Research Reference 750 is distributed in the UK by Absolute Sounds.

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