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Launched at CES 2018, the eye-catching planar magnetic in-ears cost $200 and can be used with the optional Cipher Lightning cable.

Joining the iSine 10 and iSine 20 is Audeze’s newest pair of in-ear headphones, the iSine LX.

They’re the company’s most affordable in-ears at $200, and feature the same planar magnetic technology found in its iSine siblings. The LXs have ultra-thin 30mm diaphragms (the buds weigh less than 20g) and have near-zero distortion (0.1 per cent) for clear, accurate and spacious sound.

The semi-open design has been revamped with a white-and-blue finish, although it retains its unusual TIE-fighter-like aesthetic.

The iSine LXs come with a standard 1.5m audio cable, but you can also buy the Cipher Lightning cable for $60 more to use with Apple iPhones that no longer have a 3.5mm headphone jack (iPhone 7 onwards).

The Cipher cable bypasses the iPhone’s internal DAC and uses its own to deliver 24-bit audio through the headphones. It also features playback controls and you can summon Siri with the in-line remote control.

The iSine LX headphones are available to pre-order now.

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