Archos unveils a new concept in portable media players

Archos 7

Replacing the current Archos 605 wi-fi media player, the sixth generation Internet Media Tablet is a slimline design, which uses a high resolution (800 x 480) five- or seven-inch screen - the optimum sizes for internet page viewing, according to Archos.

All three devices enable you to surf the web, send or receive emails, stream radio and TV from the web and transfer and store all your digital media, be it music, movies or photos.

The Archos 5 is just 12.5mm deep, and comes with between 60GB and 320GB of storage capacity. Archos has used the ARM Cortex Superscalar Microprocessor – the first global implementation of the system, apparently – which allows very fast web page loading, the average time being four seconds.

Archos makes much of the touch-screen Archos 5 and 7's Adobe Flash handling abilities, while other features include an optional docking-station, home wi-fi, POP/IMAP e-mail server access and compatibility with the Archos Media Club function, unveiled in April. The device also comes with web TV and radio as standard fittings, and most of the abilities of the Archos 605.

Three versions of the 'tablet' are set to be released – with the Archos 5 (available in 60GB, 120GB and 320GB versions) being followed by the Archos 5G (available with 30GB) and the seven-inch screen Archos 7 (available in 160GB or 320GB models). The 3.5G technology used in the Archos 5G enables the user to run a permanent 3.5G/HSDPA web connection.

The basic Archos 5 goes on sale at £280 for the 60GB model, £320 for the 120GB model and £360 for the 320GB version. The Archos 5G (30GB) is £360, while the Archos 7 is available for £360 (160GB) and £440 (320GB).

All products are supplied with headphones and an Archos USB 2.0 cable (for file transfer and product charging). The Archos 7 also gets an adapter for the DVR docking station and a mains charger.