Arcam raises UK retail prices

Arcam Solo Mini

The popular Arcam Solo Mini system rises £100 to £750, and its bigger brother, the Solo Music system goes up from £1000 to £1295. And the optional rDock is up £20 to £150.

Elsewhere in the range, the FMJ CD17 CD player is now £700 (was £500), the FMJ CD37 jumps from £1000 to £1300 and the FMJ A38 stereo amplifier rises from £1200 to £1450.

Arcam's newly released, and recently reviewed, T32 DAB/FM/AM tuner goes up £50 to £600.

On the home cinema front, the FMJ DV139 DVD player goes from £1800 to £2000, but we're glad to see that the AVR600 multichannel receiver we've just reviewed stays at £3500.

For details of other Arcam prices, contact your Arcam dealer.