Arcam Solo Mini
Arcam, following in the footsteps of Cyrus and other manufacturers, has raised its UK retail prices

Yesterday it was Cyrus, today Arcam is raising its UK retail prices.

The popular Arcam Solo Mini system rises £100 to £750, and its bigger brother, the Solo Music system goes up from £1000 to £1295. And the optional rDock is up £20 to £150.

Elsewhere in the range, the FMJ CD17 CD player is now £700 (was £500), the FMJ CD37 jumps from £1000 to £1300 and the FMJ A38 stereo amplifier rises from £1200 to £1450.

Arcam's newly released, and recently reviewed, T32 DAB/FM/AM tuner goes up £50 to £600.

On the home cinema front, the FMJ DV139 DVD player goes from £1800 to £2000, but we're glad to see that the AVR600 multichannel receiver we've just reviewed stays at £3500.

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For details of other Arcam prices, contact your Arcam dealer.