April 2009 issue on sale now

April 2009 issue

And, as ever, the main mag is packed with exclusive First Tests, Supertests and mouthwatering kit in Temptations.

We take an exclusive first look at Philips's premium 42PES001 LCD TV, NAD's musical new C326BEE stereo amplifier, B&W's much-anticipated CM5 hi-fi speakers and Sony's impressive STR-DA5400ES multichannel receiver. Oh, and an exclusive review of the first of Panasonic's 2009 Viera plasma TVs.

That's just for starters. Elsewhere in the issue you'll find a Supertest of big-name 46-47in flatscreen TVs, a quartet of active speakers for your iPod, a roundup of affordable headphone amplifiers and a CD player test in which NAD, Arcam, Marantz and NAD go head to head.

If you're baffled by video upscaling our seven-page feature explains all, and we've put together six home cinema systems to find out which kit is best for upscaling standard-definition DVDs.

Fancy a projector for sensible money? We've got four from £499-£999, proving you can grab yourself a bonafide big-screen bargain.

And if hi-fi's more your thing, we've pitted B&W's Award-winning 685 stereo speakers against rivals from Dali, Epos and Tannoy.

Oh, and did we mention that our free Blu-ray mag includes exclusive reviews of the Marantz BD8002, Pioneer BDP-LX91 and NAD T587 Blu-ray players, plus all the kit you need to build a budget, midrange or high-end Blu-ray home cinema system.

So don't miss out. The April 2009 issue of What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision is on sale now in all major supermarkets and newsagents.