Apple goes slim with new iPod nano and trimmed iPod Touch

iPod nano new

First came a price cut for the iPod Classic. It's now just £179 for the one-size-fits-all 120GB model.

Then came the all new iPod nano. Gone is the squashed look of the last generation, and we're back to a slender, slimline machine.

The new nano has an oval-shaped body, longer screen and fresh nano-chromatic colours. The 8GB model will sell for £109, the 16GB for £149.

iTunes has undergone a predictable makeover, with iTunes 8 now offering HD TV shows for download, while also adding a new 'Genius' playlist function, which suggests tracks from your library and from the iTunes Store based on what you're listening to.

The iPod Touch also got a makeover, rebranded as 'the funnest iPod ever', with an emphasis put on games from the 'Apps Store', as well as a slim new profile. Taking on the Nintendo DS, perhaps.

It will be available in 8, 16 and 32GB incarnations, for £169, £219 and £279 respectively.

As ever, we will be aiming to get hold of the new iPods for review as soon as possible, so keep your eyes peeled on