MJ Acoustics Pro 50 MkII review

With its compact dimensions and affordable price, the Pro 50 MkII is a real gem Tested at £299.00

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Our Verdict

MJ’s MkII helps the Pro 50 not only keep pace with its rivals, but to surpass them


  • Compact size, great with music and movies, versatile set-up


  • Not a lot

This small box packs a 25cm downward-firing driver and a 120w amp (the original used a 20cm unit and a 50w amp), as well as twin crossovers, so far only found in pricier MJ subs.

These allow you to use your one sub to do two jobs. Connected to the front speakers of your AV amp, you can use it to augment the bass while listening to music – especially useful if you have small front speakers. Second, you can simultaneously have the sub connected to your AV amp's subwoofer line output, so movie soundtracks are played with their dedicated ‘.1' -channel in full flow. And the unit is clever enough to do both at the same time.

Latest version is right on the mark
This is a superbly tight and punchy little unit with music or movies, ideal for use with modest front speakers, but still able to add something even when used with well-extended floorstanders.

With its compact dimensions and the affordable price, and the Pro 50 MkII is a real gem.