Our Verdict 
Despite one or two very minor flaws, the Maxtor is still outstanding value
Near-silent operation
stylish looks
print server
1TB drive
No FTP, and can't back itself up
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This is the new version of the Shared Storage II, which has a single terabyte drive instead of two 500GB hard disks. This makes it very compact indeed, but also means it can't back itself up. It doesn't have FTP either, but we're prepared to forgive it these slight flaws, thanks to the bargain price.

At 19p per gigabyte, the Maxtor is astounding value, and when you also consider its near-silent operation, stylish looks and a print server, this is clearly a winner. And if extra security is a concern, you can buy this and a one terabyte USB disk for back-up, and it will still come in just under the Buffalo.