• Marshall Major
Our Verdict 
Great retro looks and that famous logo don’t entirely make up for a slightly confused, shouty performance
Classy looks
good for vocals
Harsh treble
bass lacks oompf
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Tell someone you strapped a pair of Marshalls to your head and they’d either salute your commitment to rock or start using sign language. Maybe both.

It’s lucky, then, that these aren’t the stage-shaking guitar amps the firm is famous for. The Majors look classy with their brown faux-leather headband, gold jack plug and retro curly lead.

For authenticity’s sake, we spun a copy of Skid Row’s first album and, while Sebastian Bach’s vocals were clear and the guitars sang through, the presentation gets shouty and harsh at the top end, with little bass oompf.

They time rather poorly in comparison with the best at this price, too. On the other side of the musical coin, Tori Amos’s Bliss lacked the purity we’d have liked.

But if you want something stylish, and like your rock, they’re worth a try.

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Marshall Major
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