• Logic3 Ferrari Cavallino T250:
Our Verdict 
Look great, sound mediocre. The same money could buy you better
Premium build
very comfortable
good accessories
classic style
Slightly muddy and boxed-in sound
premium price
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As you open the box for the Logic3 Ferrari Cavallino T250 headphones, it’s hard not to smile.

From the faux carbon-fibre carry case to the thoughtful selection of woven cables (plain, single button, Apple three-button), the presentation is beautiful and you immediately get the sense that you’re getting your money’s worth.

The ear cups and headband are trimmed in leather, and machined metal parts make for a sturdy unit. Construction is solid, and the headset stays on the good side of heavy, with the kind of weight that’s more reassuring than it is tiring. In fact, we found them very comfortable to use.

Logic3 Ferrari Cavallino T250: Sound qualityOf course, it’s the sound that really counts, and unfortunately the T250s don’t perform like a Ferrari. For starters, they’re heavy on the bass. But it’s not the tight, empowering kind of low-end — it’s flabby, and soon overpowers everything else.

Elsewhere it’s not much better. It’s a slightly muddy listen: leading edges are blurred, there’s not bags of detail, and the presentation is somewhat confused. Listen to The Black Eyed Peas’ Hey Mama and the clapping is not so easy to identify.

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On the plus side, timing and dynamic range are acceptable, and this hazy nature promises to mask the inadequacies of lesser recordings.

Logic3 Ferrari Cavallino T250: VerdictThe T250s’ great looks and strong build mean that you could wear them with confidence. But the sound is disappointing.

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