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Best headphone amplifier £300-£500, Awards 2010. Its user-friendly sound makes this a very wise buy
Very cohesive sound
exciting listen
great detailing
well balanced in tone
Nothing of note
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With its austere looks and weighty feel, Lehmann's Teutonic-sounding Rhinelander is an imposing piece ?of kit that has a pleasantly dependable air about it.

?As well as accepting two inputs, it features a nice volume control and a front-mounted metal selector. The Lehmann is conveniently easy to use, despite a lack of markings on the rear.

During its running-in period, our test sample mellowed nicely from an initially bright sound, gaining a neutral, tonally balanced audio.

Bass is sure-footed and punchy, treble is crisp and confident, while the midrange is sweet, giving much depth and emotion to vocals. 

Good sense of timingDetailing from the Rhinelander is good, with production subtleties coming to the fore, and background instrumentation, such as percussion, standing out nicely.

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We also like its sense of timing, with music sounding cohesive and packed with life and punch.

At £400 this Lehmann is an expensive amplifier, but it offers a lively sound that leaps out of your headphones without becoming wearing or brash over prolonged listening.

Its accomplished sense of neutrality is a great advantage and you really want to keep listening to the performance it gives. Give one ?of these an audition and you won't be disappointed.

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Lehmann Rhinelander
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