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These in-ears defy their curious shape by proving comfortable and – more importantly – a superbly balanced listen
Bass possesses much weight
secure and comfortable
Not overtly spacious
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Unpack the X5s and you'll find no less than five different types of ear buds or ‘comfort ear gels' as Klipsch likes to call them.

Irrespective of the name, these buds help turn the X5s into some of the most comfortable in-ears we've ever come across.

You also get a magnetic carry pouch, and a cleaning tool for keeping wax out of the way. Which is nice.

Superb timingKlipsch has really taken the fight to its in-ear rivals at this price, and right from the off the X5s impress. Their timing is superb, and the rhythm-driven delivery is hugely enjoyable.

Test them with a punchy drum and bass track like J Majik and Wickaman's Crazy World, and their presentation captures every detail of the voracious bassline.

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Complex tunes are presented clearly and handled with an unflappable confidence. And they show a more delicate side when handling Justin Timberlake's slow-paced track, Losing My Way.

If you're looking to spend over £100 on a headphone upgrade, the X5s are a great place to start.

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