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The MobiOut doesn’t excel in many areas, but its general design and approach to music could charm you
Neat, thoughtful design
Can share battery charge with your handheld device
Balanced, likeable sound
Lean, malnourished bass
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Perhaps you like a speaker playing in the background while you’re soaking in the bath? Or you might fancy the idea of taking one out into the great outdoors. If you do, then iLuv’s splash-proof MobiOut could be the answer.

iLuv MobiOut review: Features

It’s never going to survive a complete dunking, but the rubberized top and bottom sections should withstand the odd droplet or ten. The connections (micro- and full-size USB sockets) are concealed behind a panel, too. The former is for charging the iLuv’s internal battery, while the latter lets you try out the speaker’s ‘jump-start’ technology. This lets you boost your smartphone or tablet’s battery life by drawing juice from the iLuv’s battery. It’s a neat idea, and helpful if you find yourself in the wilderness without any power sockets nearby.

The top has buttons for controlling playback, and there’s also a built-in mic for answering phone calls. The unit responds quickly and efficiently – no awkward button pressing or lag here. Press and hold the Bluetooth logo button and you can pair your phone or tablet in seconds. All told, you’re looking at an attractive, well-thought-out little package here.

iLuv MobiOut review: Sound

And the MobiOut is one of the surprise packages of its type and price when it comes to sound quality. The general presentation is a little lean and malnourished, but the speaker still manages to sound pleasantly musical. There’s no particular brightness to highs and the absence of any meaningful bass removes the threat of it sounding boomy or tubby.

Spin The Source’s You’ve Got The Love and the result is a likeable delivery, with decent agility and good timing. It manages to capture the essence of tracks, something rivals at this price can struggle to do.

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We’d certainly recommend you give the MobiOut an audition.

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