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These in-ears have a precise, detailed sound, but we'd like a more natural sounding richness there too
understated looks
No carry pouch
lack a certain richness and natural delivery
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Grado could easily ignore the in-ear market, safe in the knowledge that it manufactures some of the finest ‘on-ear' headphones that money can buy.

But no: Grado is branching out into this sector with a pricey pair costing £300.

The GR8s certainly don't look as snazzy as some near rivals, offering a more subtle and understated look.

They come with four different sizes of ear bud, but annoyingly there's no carrying pouch – surely you'd want to protect such an expensive investment?

Even tonal balanceBut they perform well: they have an even tonal balance, and a very detailed, insightful presentation that peers into the music and digs up minute levels of sonic information.

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However, vocals don't sound quite as natural and believable as the best. They lack a certain harmonic richness, and as a result, they don't connect with the listener quite as fully.

The GR8s are a fine addition to the Grado range but in this case, the level of performance doesn't quite justify the price tag.

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Grado GR8
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