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PurePower 2000 review

The long....

If you are a regular forum posters, you may remember that I have had a mains issue for a long time now, not surprising really! When you consider I  have 12 industrial size fridges/freezers, an almighty extractor fan, 3000 watts microwave etc...The list goes on, I am sure you are getting the picture...  It is very annoying when you can hear cracks, pops and even spinning noises from the washing machine through my speakers! 

I have been toying with an idea of a dedicated main line but that involves too much trouble, it's just the way my building layout is! It wouldn't be a few hours job put it that way. 

A few weeks back I was talking to a mate who is an IT manager for a very large company and he has just spend £xx,xxx on a mains generator with a battery pack that will produce a clean 230V  to look after his server room, and to me it sounded like something I needed!  When I looked in to it though, it's very - very expensive and seems to have enough fan noise to match my 200 watt amp!  I also knew there was one or two companies that make this kind of thing for dedicated Hifi use, so the hunt began!

Well I said "hunt" it didn't take long really, a few search on internet later I found Purepower main filteration, a quick look at the spec and I thought to myself this is just the thing I needed to try.  Now, let me tell you about my past experience in Main Filter gadgets, I have demoed 5 different brands in the past, none were battery operated though, and while I found some do make a difference in sound and some did partly cure my mains interference, all of them seemed to suck the life out of the music!  I don't know why? or how? but this is the reason why I have never bought one! So I made sure I told the dealer (Mark - Audioemotion) that it may make its way back to Leven if I didn’t like it, but he assured me about his 30 days money back jobbies so I have nothing to lose!

When purepower 2000 arrived my first impression was Surprise mainly due to the size of it, the unit is very large and very heavy, nothing like I thought it would be!  The build quality is excellent and with a quick glance at the quick setup guide I got it working in no time.  I left it plugged-in for a day to make sure the battery was fully charge.

The Short.

What about the sound? or lack of it! The purepower is not completely silent, I can hear a very low fan noise cut in now and again but honestly, it's no louder than my sky box! I run my whole system through purepower which includes a 50 inch plasma screen, DVD player, CD player, preamp, power amp, music server and sky box without any problem and with the main plug off the wall, I get a good 3 hours of fun out of it (with everything turned on). The input voltage display of purepower show that I have around 210 – 220V in the day time, after midnight it’s showing 230V which may explain why my system sound different between day and night.  Listening to my system through purepower 2000, there are no cracks or pops, no interference or humming that I have been putting up with for years.    

The best thing is, the involving sound is still there, purepower seem to keep everything I like about my system and give me more!, the most obvious improvement is bass!  It’s seemed to be deeper and faster with cleaner start-stop.  I also notice more solidity in imaging, each instrument locks in its own space creating a deep and believable back to front depth.  The improvement in sound is a bonus to me, the fact that purepower got rid of my dirty mains problem without making my system sound worst is all I ever wanted!

30 days money back guarantee?  I have now been using purepower for 3 weeks, and no way is it  going back!  Highly recommended.Yes