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Spare headshells

I recently bought a new cartridge, and as there was a significant improvement over my previous cart, I'm pondering trying a selection of cartridges, but I've only got the one headshell on the R200 arm of my Planar 3. 

I had a search, and it seems that there's quite a choice, so can anyone guide me as to whether it's worth paying more than about £20 for spare headshells, or would paying more be worth the extra? I've not seen any Rega spares, yet, but Ortofon have a couple of suitable choices. 

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RE: Spare headshells

Hello, first i would weigh the rega headshell and get anyone as close to that weight, there are loads on ebay  and the web at reasonable prices, i like to chop and change cartridges from time to time and having spare headshells make's it so much easier, dont forget to include fitting tools and a good protractor, the Vinyl Engine is good for these and are downloadble for free, different lengths of bolts and screws should not be overlooked as well. Good luck.

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