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Rega RP3 Manufacturer refurbished are these any Good?


Im looking to upgrade my turntable and came across this on the Bay sounds like a good deal but is the deck in good order with just a slight markings as quoted. also it comes with 2 years warranty and they will put my ortofon OM20 super cartridge on for me for free all for £359

Ive also seen Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit SB there not to many reviews around on this one but the review from hifi choice highly recommends it over the Rega RP3.

if i go with the Rega i will eventually upgrade the cartridge to a better one when funds are available

any thoughts in which direction i should choose

My budget is only £500.

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RE: Rega RP3 Manufacturer refurbished are these any Good?

If it were my money I 'd be buying a new Esprit SB. which you can get for about £60 more than you would be paying for the RP3.

You van get to see these in the flesh at Superfi or Richer Sounds if you have one near you.

Having said that I would certainly replace the Ortofon 2m Red cartridge that it comes with as soon as funds perit.


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