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Graham Slee GA 2 Communicator Phono Stage

I have not long connected my Pro-Ject Xpression MKIII turntable to a Cyrus 6VS2 Integrated Amp via the above phono stage.

Does the phono stage need burning in to realise it's true potential as I find that the vinyl I play does not have the same oomph as the CD's played through my Opera Consonance Linear 120 CDP, in fact some recordings can sound a little muddled as well; although I realise this can be down to the actual record being played.

Should I be patient and see if the sound improves with more playing or should I upgrade the phono stage?


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Re: Graham Slee GA 2 Communicator Phono Stage

I run a Tech 1210/OL Silver/Goldring 1042 through the same amps as you and to my ears, my deck sounds great. Vinyl quality does vary hugely even when new, but I would check your cart alignment, etc first. Lack of oomph could be down to the fact that CDP's have a higher output than decks?

Instead of upgrading your GA 2, why not go for the PSU upgrade, this did wonders for the soundstage in my system but you do need to keep everything powered up for best results (5 days to warm up the PSU properly according to the website). Depending on your cart spec I was also advised to check total capacitance loading across the cart, phono stage and interconnect. Initially choosing a Van Den Hul the Name between phono & amp I have since upgraded to the Cryrus i/cable with very low capacitance.

good luck 




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